CITIES2030 PoliRural

Rural Systemic Transformation

PoliRural aims to model rural attractiveness system e.g. responses, factors, loops and weights. See below one well known situation of Häme (FI) based on the data from the years 2009-2019. What kind of policy measures are needed to change the trend?


Blue Wings Composting Yleinen

Storage equipment used for blue wing compost.

Considering the fact that our project would be conducted indoors and in limited space, we did not have that many options for storage systems. Luckily for us, IKEA happened to sell usable storage solutions, what we could use for our project.

For our project, we had to acquire three different types of storage boxes, one for larvae, compost and bio waste. For food waste, we bought three boxes, so we could split different type of food waste for each box. This would allow us to feed larvae with different types of food and see how it affects them. Because the project would be conducted indoors, we also realized that we would have to have sealed boxes, so there wouldn’t be any problems with smell.

Blue Wings Composting

Young nature scientists are co-creating new futures

The Blue Wings Composting core research team is formed of Länsiharju school 10 years old children and their teacher. The work of the research team is supported and monitored by national and international Insect Economy researchers.

According to the conducted research to feed mixed biowaste to black soldier fly larvae (Blue Wings) is the most promising approach. The performance of the process is measured by survival rate, larval weight, waste reduction and bioconversion rate.

The purpose of the Länsiharju’s research team is to explore what are the results when black soldier fly larvae live at the school room and they are fed with school kitchen food waste.

The research team explores also how to recycle larvae that are loaded with protein and what to do with the food waste that has been prosessed by larvae.

School kitchen food waste
Blue Wings i.e black soldier fly larvae (pic by Saverio Danubio)