H2020 – CITIES2030

“Co-creating resilient and sustainable food systems towards FOOD2030”

The main aim of Cities2030 is to future proof an effective cities regions food system (CRFS) via a connected structure centered in the citizen, built on trust, with partners encompassing the entire CRFS.

The main tasks of Smart & Lean Hub Oy

WP2 – CRFS PHILOSOPHY: ethics, RRI and gender approach

WP2 develops an ethical framework which will implement to each of the activities planned in the project. Smart & Lean contributes all tasks on this work package.

WP3 – CRFS INTELLIGENCE: structured and actionable knowledge

WP3 generates an actionable blueprint to create sustainable CRFS. Smart & Lean coordinates one task which purpose is to develop CITIES2030 System Thinking logic framework. Smart & Lean contributes all the other tasks of the work package.

WP4 – CRFS ALLIANCE: cities’ empowerment and synergies

WP4 generates an overarching development paradigm driven by resilience, focusing on re-framing policy areas within the methodological framework of city resilience, up-taking from the MUFPP+. Smart & Lean contributes to co-creation and implementation of a deployment action programme to reach 50 pilot cities.

WP5 – CRFS ANGELS: innovation, synergies and investment action

WP5 explores challenges from the real-life food system and builds capacities in all agents of the urban Food System to generate sustainable food value chains and the corresponding City and Region Food System (CRFS). Smart & Lean leads and coordinates the work to generate improvements, emerging practices, social- and technology innovations on the urban food system by implementing systematic, analytical and goal-oriented methods.

Usefull links

  • Programme: Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
  • Topic: CE-FNR-07-2020 – FOOD 2030 – Empowering cities as agents of food system transformation
  • Timeline: October 2020 – September 2024
  • Project budget: 11.779.827 EUR

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101000640.