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OpenSping INSPIRE Hackathon 2021

The Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021, organized by Plan4all association in cooperation with organizations such as WirelessInfo or the Czech Center for Science and Society, will be 18. INSPIRE Hackathon and already the fourth one that will be organized fully virtually with the respect to the current situation. The uniqueness of INSPIRE Hackathons lies in the fact that it is not just a multi-day event, but a comprehensive and long-term process, in which the emphasis is on using the results and knowledge gained from previous INSPIRE Hackathons.

The Open Spring INSPIRE hackathon 2021 will be focused on developments and innovations in agriculture, the environment, transport, tourism, geospatial applications or remote sensing and GNSS.

Smart & Lean will contribute to the following challenges
Challenge #5: SmartAfriHub III – African Agricultural Water Security

Challenge #2: Regional Attractiveness

Results of the Open Spring Inspire Hackathon (link) The challenge #5: SmartAfriHub III- African Agricultural Water Security got the 3rd place. Here is the final report (link).

COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon

The COVID 19 INSPIRE Hackathon will be already the 17th hackathon organised by the Plan4All association in cooperation with CCSS and other H2020 projects including SmartAgriHubs. It will be based on the traditional model of the INSPIRE Hackathon, which is not a single event, it’s a process that is designed to efficiently exploit the achieved results of previous hackathons on developing new innovations.

COVID 19 INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 develops and shares agri-food economy solutions to balance the imperatives of the present with the demands of the future. In COVID 19 Hackathon we will address next topics:

  • Facilitate access to data and services for an easier digital innovation in the agri-food sectors / 3-4 expected Challenges
  • Educating individuals from other sectors for being able to support agri-food businesses in the crisis / 1 expected challenge
  • Forecasting of regional food supplies, deviations and/or shortages / 3-4 expected challenges
  • Mobilising agricultural workforce for harvesting / 1 – 2 expected challenges
  • Regional matching of offer and demand for fresh produce in decentralised settings / 1 expected challenge 

Challenge 8: Digitalization of indigenous knowledge in African agriculture for fostering food security (link)

Results of the COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon (link). The 2nd place – Challenge #8 Digitalization of indigenous knowledge in African agriculture for fostering food security / Antoine Kantiza, Tuula Löytty et al.

Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon

Challenge 2: SmartAfriHub – Agriculture Digital innoation Hub for Africa (link)

Challenge 2: Results of the challenge 2: SmartAfriHub (link)

Result of the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon (link)

2nd place: Challenge 2 SmartAfriHub / Tuula Löytty (Finland), Ssembajwe Ronald (Uganda), Simon Van Kerckhove (Belgium), Samuel Njogo (Kenya),  Antoine Kantiza (Burundi), Akaninyene Obot (Nigeria),  Felix Kimani Kariuki (Kenya), Esther Wanjiku Maina (Kenya), NGUEfACK jovis Arnold (Cameroon), MEZAFACK Karol lavoine.(Cameroon), Fouagwang Yann Wilfried (Cameroon), Jesus Simal-Gandara (Spain)

A scientific article at Data Science Journal: Capacity Development and Collaboration for Sustainable African Agriculture: Amplification of Impact Through Hackathons (link)

Nairobi INSPIRE Hacathon

Team and the challenge no. 5: Agriculture Innovation Hub for Africa (link). The intention is to develop a social space for the African agriculture community to share knowledge and experience between farmers, industry, research community, advisory services and others involved.

Final report for team 5 (link)

Final results (link)

  • by Tuula Loytty
    Challenge 5 provision is to build knowledge that is based on maps and satellite images for infrastructure investors to enhance Leveling Rural Water Supply and Just-In-Time Irrigation.  The infrastructure investor may be e.g. an African national, regional, and local government, abroad investor, or commercial operator.  Leveling Rural Water Supply means that the water infrastructure scale (e.g. pipe […]
  • by Petr Uhlíř
    Dear Innovation Portal user, Your opinion matters to us! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about your experience with the Innovation Portal, and to outline your needs and expectations of it. ( This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes. Your responses will help us to continue developing a […]
  • by Hana Kubickova
    The GEO Indigenous Summit 2020 7-9 December 2020 Online Join Indigenous leaders from around the world as they discuss Indigenous-led innovation in Earth observations data, science and technology. This will build on the GEO Indigenous hackathon, bringing together Indigenous knowledge and state-of-the-art science and technology, as well as the global GEO community. No registration required! […]
  • by Hana Kubickova
    GODAN is pleased to invite you to the GODAN/AODIRF Digital Forum on the topic of sustainable investment in the agricultural sector in Developing Countries. Thursday 3 December, 2020 13h00 – Coordinated Universal Time Join the meeting here: See HERE for more information.   The agriculture and food sector is facing numerous challenges. With an estimated 821 million people suffering […]
  • by Hana Kubickova
    Supported by the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC), IST-Africa Week 2021 (May) is the sixteenth in an annual series of Ministerial Level Technology Research and Innovation Conferences. IST-Africa provides a platform in Africa to strengthen technology-enabled Innovation, Science and Technology and Entrepreneurship related policy dialogues within Africa and between Africa and Europe, […]
  • by Hana Kubíčková
    We would like to invite all to this year’s JOINT CONFERENCE 2021. The 25th International Conference on Information Systems for Agriculture and Forestry (ISAF) & 14th Geomatics in Projects & 6th annual conference of Plan4All together with the conference Agriculture 4.0 is keeping the virtual format … Continue reading →
  • by Hana Kubíčková
    15 September, 10:00 -11:30 AM CEST (Room C) We would like to cordially invite you to join the upcoming Agriculture DWG session on identifying the “Research infrastructures in Agriculture”. During the session we plan to provide insights into existing research … Continue reading →
  • by Hana Kubíčková
    Our manuscript entitled Map Whiteboard Cloud Solution for Collaborative Editing of Geographic Information has been published in Cloud Computing and Data Science, an internationally reputed, open-access and refereed journal which highlights and publishes research findings on theory, designs and applications in … Continue reading →
  • by Tomas Mildorf
    The Plan4all digital innovation hub (DIH) has been approved by the EU as a fully operational DIH. The Plan4all DIH has been registered at the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3P) of the European Commission, which is a part of the Research … Continue reading →
  • by Hana Kubíčková
    The Open Spring INSPIRE hackathon is after more than 2 months of hacking over. The Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021 focused on developments and innovations in agriculture, the environment, transport, tourism, geospatial applications, remote sensing and GNSS is after two-month hacking … Continue reading →