PoliRural Yleinen

Visualizations about Häme-region and Finland

As part of Polirural, Häme-region was chosen to be one of the pilot areas. Polirural is European Union project, which aims to increase well being and sustainability of the country side. One of the main goals of Polirural project is to tackle problems what rural regions are facing throughout Europe. As part of Polirural project, Smart & Lean Hub Oy aims to increase awareness of these problems and other demographic data trends by utilizing open data of Häme-region, to create interactive visualizations.

First visualization what we are looking at is about elderly population

In Finland, rural municipalities face demographic problem. Aging population is serious issue in rural areas. Young people move away due lack of opportunity and low birthrate of people who stay is not enough to keep municipality from having continuously expanding elderly population. I created visualization to highlight increasing number of elderly in more rural municipalities and compare change in amount of elderly and in population between different municipalities.

Visualization highlights trend very accurately and it also showcases difference between largest city in the region (Lahti) and other municipalities.

In the image color depicts municipality and every dot is one year in this scatter plot. By clicking this link , you can see interactive version of the image. By double clicking one of the municipalities you can more accurately inspect data and by hovering your mouse over dots you can see year and accurate values.

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