Senior citizen healthcare service quality

Trough out late 2019 and all the way to summer 2020, Smart & Lean Hub Ltd. implemented project funded by Niilo Helander foundation. Project goal was to create free and easily used online learning environment for caseworkers in elderly homes, to increase their proficiency, expertise and to increase customer satisfaction in the service provided to them. Project purpose was to embrace Quality Assurance and Quality Control into elderly care, by implementing guidelines used in ISO 9001:2015 standardization systems.

Senior citizen healthcare service quality

Project goal was to create free online course for health workers in the elderly care industry in Finland. Moodle was picked to be platform, due to it’s reputation and tools which it provides to create and manage online learning platform. Online courses have been gaining popularity for good part of decade, and they allow teachers to create learning environments which challenge and teach student in interactive way. Online courses allow teaching to be done from anywhere or anytime and it is not restricted by teachers ability to be in same space with students.

Moodle allows creation of platform, which provides courses, information, material and news to participants in many different ways, such as videos, text or as audio. Courses can be set to be independent from each other or connect, which builds learning path for the student. In Moodle, teacher can choose to participate in teaching by creating live streams or scheduled meetings, or create courses to be self-learning oriented, where teacher only participates in education to answer questions, or to review and grade lessons and tests.

Project was funded by Niilo Helander’s foundation, and Smart & Lean teamed up with Ceriff Oy for standardization methods used in learning environment.

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