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Why you should compost waste food

The blog is written by Liisa Karlsson in June 2022. It is associated with the Lahti Living Lab Bokashi bio composting experiment and Cities2030 Horizon 2020 project. Money The city of Lahti is obligating the properties of five or more dwellings to sort and separate the collection of biowaste by 1 July 2022. Biowaste is […]

Lean-Agile Research Project Management

What does a balance between transparency and privacy mean to performance and progress in the research project environment? Does enhanced transparency cause a burden for researchers or project leaders? Does increasing privacy lead to self-managing teams?  

Algorithm for Häme Rural Development

Häme’s (FI) rural areas development is now converted into an algorithm that runs multiple input and output variables.   An open-source application provides a simulation tool and playground for Häme regional policymakers and authorities to foresight the rural long-term future until 2040. The System Dynamics Modelling application is the result of PoliRural project efforts.

Change factors of the City Region Food System

The correlation matrix maps and prioritizes change factors of the City Region Food System.  The conclusion is that the food system transformation calls multiple stakeholders into action. Also, the municipality’s role as a policy and strategy maker is crucial.  The matrix is a summary of brainstorming sessions arranged in Finland with food system innovators and […]

The renaissance of cities’ food market halls

Finland lives a renaissance of food halls, at least if the example from Joensuu, Turku, and Seinäjoki mirror a general development. Food halls are a visible and important element of the City Region Food System (CRFS). They support local food producers and promote a short supply chain. City policymakers and local authorities have a key […]

City of Lahti – a potential follower of CITIES2030?

This is my home city – Lahti. It is located in southern Finland in the province of Päijät-Häme. Lahti is the biggest city in the province. 12 front-runner cities and regions 10 cities and 2 regions are currently engaged in the CITIES2030. The project incorporates diverse cities and regions as stated in the below table. […]

Extended Innovation Pattern (EIP)

We, in the CITIES2030 project, have a hypothesis: 12+ pilots carry out an Extended Innovation Pattern (EIP) to deliver innovations to capitalize, best practices to share, and improvements to enhance processes. The innovation environment is built upon a multi-actor approach and open innovation. CITIES2030 project contributes to the transformation of Urban Food Systems.  The platform to generate innovations, novel practices, […]

The observations and insights of PoliRural project – Häme region System Dynamics Modeling and drivers analysis

PoliRural’s twelve (12) pilot teams have familiarized themselves with the system modelling process through four phases. The four phases are thefollowing: Drivers Analysis for 12 local pilots Building the Matrix KPI – DRIVERS The High-Level Model System Dynamics Experts’ Layer As described by Dr Patrick Crehan (CKA) in the internal working document for PoliRural’s twelve […]