PoliRural Yleinen

Visualizations about Häme-region and Finland Treemap

As part of Polirural, Häme-region was chosen to be one of the pilot areas. Polirural is European Union project, which aims to increase well being and sustainability of the country side. One of the main goals of Polirural project is to tackle problems what rural regions are facing throughout Europe. As part of Polirural project, Smart & Lean Hub Oy aims to increase awareness of these problems and other demographic data trends by utilizing open data of Häme-region, to create interactive visualizations.

Second visualization in our series is tree map regarding indurusty revenue and employment-

Purpose of this visualization is to highlight difference between two Häme-region counties, Päijät – and Kanta-Häme. Treemap visualizes certain key values regarding industry operating in these counties. Utilizing selector in top right, you can choose between key value. By clicking selector under it at “Valitse vuosi” you can select year.

Visualization shows that agricultural and traditional industries are still major employees and generators of revenue. Visualization also shows positive trend in employment and positive growth in certain industry sectors between years 2013 and 2019.

Link to interactive visualization

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