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Larvae-based bioconversion adds value to four end-user groups 1/4

Black Soldier Fly larvae – based bioconversion at Länsiharju school in Lahti was terminated according to the plan.

The bioconversion by larvae was in operation for 14 days. Larvae ate with good appetite mixed school kitchen waste food that was served to larvae once a day.

The bioconversion was managed by the teacher of Länsiharju school and 10-years old children of the class. The forthcoming bioscientists were courage and curious, and they handled and monitored larvae daily basis according to detailed guidance and data collection matrix (see pics below).

Larvae guidance (Copyright Tuula Löytty)
Data collection matrix (Copyright Tuula Löytty)

The bioconversion produced value tor four different end-user groups. The first end-user group was the teacher’s home chicken farm. As you can see on the video the chickens really enjoyed to eat fat larvae which are full of protein and oil. Healthy diet indeed – for chickens.

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