Blue Wings Composting PoliRural Yleinen

Blue Wings Composting part 2/4

16th day of October

The children and the teacher of Länsiharju primary school grade 4B arrived at Pikkuvesijärvi lake at 9 am. By chance the day also was the UNICEF-walk day where students raise money by walking or running kilometers, so the class came to the lake by walking from the school. The day’s mission regarding the Blue Wings Composting project is to feed to the lake’s fauna the frozen black fly larva from the composting project.

The class had been feeding these larvae for 14 days and had been sad to let them go. The project introduces children to the cycle of nature and so at the end of it, larvae had to become food for other living beings. The children were divided into smaller groups and given containers of the frozen larvae which they then threw into the Lake for the ducks and fishes to eat.

The whole process went very smoothly and was over in a short while. The ducks seem to interest the children most.

After a successful finish to the project, the children continued their UNICEF-walk back to school.

Photos by Liisa Karlsson and Tuula Löytty

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