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Lahti Living Lab’s testbed for IoT-equipped food waste composter

This is Bertta.  She is a bio-composter.

Officially Bertta is a Biolan Quick composter 220ECO which is designed and produced by Biolan Oy in Finland. 

Bertta’s mission is to convert food waste to compost soil.

Soon Bertta’s life is about to change dramatically. First, she is invited to be a testbed composter at Lahti Living Lab. Secondly, she will be equipped with IoT sensors.

Bertta’s life is changed. She was before analog, but now she is digital.

There are three household bio composters that are equipped with sensors in the world. The product name is Biolan SMARTY. 

All three are located in Finland: Eura, Rauma, and Lahti. 

Mobile application  – Bioapp – enables online monitoring of the bio-composter status.

Temperature data gives an insight into the process trend, status, deviations, and overall performance.   The bio-composter is still alive and working, but the temperature is getting little by little too low. Winter is coming to Finland.

Lahti Living Lab tests a pioneering IoT-equipped bio composter. Wifi-connection and temperature sensors enable localization of the bio-composter and remote monitoring of the performance.

The Lahti Living Lab has invited multi-actors to assess the upgraded bio-composter, consult and give feedback and recommendations. The consultative discussions comply with the SWOT analysis.

The below image illustrates the dialogue on how the solution of localization and remote monitoring mirrors municipality waste management authorities and operators‘ needs and visions.

The below image illustrates the dialogue on how the solution of localization and remote monitoring mirrors real estate maintenance actors’ needs and visions.

The experiment IoT-equipped food waste composter is conducted in co-operation with Biolan Oy and Smart & Lean Hub oy. Biolan Oy owns the IPR to the SMARTY solution.

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