The renaissance of cities’ food market halls

Finland lives a renaissance of food halls, at least if the example from Joensuu, Turku, and Seinäjoki mirror a general development.

Food halls are a visible and important element of the City Region Food System (CRFS). They support local food producers and promote a short supply chain.

City policymakers and local authorities have a key role in the management and development of food halls. They decide if the tradition of the food hall will continue in the city.

The city of Joensuu has approved that a new food hall can be constructed in the center of the city, by the marketplace. Construction work on the hall could begin as early as next fall.

The plan for Joensuu’s new food market

The city of Turku renews the entire market hall block. Turku’s food hall which was opened in 1896 will be the center of the renewed block.

Turku market hall

Arctic Food Market won an architect competition launched by the City of Seinäjoki. . The old locomotive garage in Seinäjoki got a new shape and function in the hands of architecture students.

In Finland, there are 15 food halls. Joensuu’s new market hall will be number 16. Source: WIKIPEDIA

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