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City of Lahti – a potential follower of CITIES2030?

This is my home city – Lahti. It is located in southern Finland in the province of Päijät-Häme. Lahti is the biggest city in the province.

Looking down to centre of Lahti from the top of the ski jump concrete hill. Author=Pasixxxx |Date=2009-07-26 |This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

12 front-runner cities and regions

10 cities and 2 regions are currently engaged in the CITIES2030. The project incorporates diverse cities and regions as stated in the below table. These 10 cities and 2 regions are called front-runners.

10 cities and 2 regions GeographyDemography*)
Bremerhaven (DE), flat, temperate oceanic 1.200
Bruges (BE), flat, temperate oceanic 850
Haarlem (NL), flat, temperate oceanic 5.461
Iaşi (RO), uplands, humid continental 3.092
Quart de Poblet (ES), flat, Mediterranean,dry/hot summer 1.300
Murska Sobota (SI), flat, temperate oceanic 806
Seinäjoki (FI), flat, subarctic 44,26
Troodos (CY), mountainous, Mediterranean, hot semi-aridN/ap
Velika Gorica (HR), flat, temperate oceanic 190
Vejle (DK), flat, temperate oceanic 400
Vicenza (IT), flat, humid subtropical 1.400
Vidzeme region (LV), highlands, humid continental N/ap
* Density Number of inhabitants per km2. Source: CITIES2030

38 follower cities and regions

Cities2030’s aim is to engage a total of 50 cities by the end of the project covering a spanning diversity of scales, climates, and terrains, from continental to coastal settings. At the end of the day, Cities2030 will engage 12 front-runners and 38 followers.

Lahti locates in the province of Päijät-Häme being the biggest city in the province. The three strategic RDI target fields in the Päijät-Häme province are sports, food & drinks, and the manufacturing industry. The RDI strategy is updated in November 2021 (link)

The province’s and accordingly Lahti’s strategic orientation to focus RDI efforts too on food & drinks sounds like a good idea from Cities2030 perspective. S&L will be following the next acts in Päijät-Häme province and in Lahti waiting for an opportunity to initiate cooperation between the city of Lahti and Cities2030.

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