Blue Wings Composting PoliRural

Science Cafe for Insect Economy

A distinguished group of scientists and business innovators will gather together in Lahti on 24.9.2020 to discuss and share findings and experiences about Insect Economy in theory and in practice. The main topics for our discussion are:

Insect and larvae based protein production

Larvae propelled bioconversion

Cross-sector interconnection in the bio-based economy

Entrepreneurship in rural areas

Children point of view and their relationship to nature

Science Cafe is one of the elements of Blue Wings Composting i.e. Toukkakompostori experiment that is carried out at Länsiharju school and supported by Lahti Green Capital project.

The event is organised together with SIRKKA project that is run by Lappeenranta Technical University (LUT). SIRKKA – kestävästä proteeiinituotannosta uutta liiketoimintaa.

The Blue Wings Composting – Toukkakompostori – project is run by Smart & Lean Hub Oy and facilitated by CEO and founder of Blue Wings Composting, Saverio Danubio.

Blue Wings Composting experiment explores also Insect Economy as potential domain to establish novel rural entrepreneurship. Horizon2020 PoliRural project is designed to advance rural policy development to increase rural attractiveness. One dimension of attractiveness is a possibility to work in rural area for example as an entrepreneur.

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